The Vatican’s Proclamation

The Vatican has recently proclaimed that the Most Holy Name in the universe is not to be pronounced in Catholic liturgy. The odd thing is that the Vatican claims that holy name is not to be pronounced, but then they substitute and pronounce the Most Holy name as “the Lord.” If they truly would not pronounce it, they would have to just skip over the Most Holy name altogether, rather than pronounce the Most Holy Name as “the Lord.” In other words, they wish to have the Most High proclaiming: “I am the Lord. That is my name.” (Isaiah 42:8) They are thus actually pronouncing the Holy Name as “the Lord,” and would have the Most High Himself as stating that His name is “the Lord.” To actually not pronounce the Most Holy Name at all, they would have to read this as: “I am …. That is my name.”

“The Lord,” however, is not the holy name. But by substituting the “the Lord,” and reading “the Lord” into the scriptures as though it were the holy name, “the Lord” itself is being mispresented as the “holy name” of the only true God.

“The Lord,” as a name, is actually a rendering of the name of the false god, Baal.