The Vatican’s Proclamation

The Vatican has recently proclaimed that the Most Holy Name in the universe is not to be pronounced in Catholic liturgy. The odd thing is that the Vatican claims that holy name is not to be pronounced, but then they substitute and pronounce the Most Holy name as “the Lord.” If they truly would not pronounce it, they would have to just skip over the Most Holy name altogether, rather than pronounce the Most Holy Name as “the Lord.” In other words, they wish to have the Most High proclaiming: “I am the Lord. That is my name.” (Isaiah 42:8) They are thus actually pronouncing the Holy Name as “the Lord,” and would have the Most High Himself as stating that His name is “the Lord.” To actually not pronounce the Most Holy Name at all, they would have to read this as: “I am …. That is my name.”

“The Lord,” however, is not the holy name. But by substituting the “the Lord,” and reading “the Lord” into the scriptures as though it were the holy name, “the Lord” itself is being mispresented as the “holy name” of the only true God.

“The Lord,” as a name, is actually a rendering of the name of the false god, Baal.


8 Responses to “The Vatican’s Proclamation”

  1. gerard Says:

    how do we get them to become true followers of the real name and truth?

    • reslight Says:

      Gerard, I’m sorry I did not notice your comments earlier. Evidently, I either failed to receive or I may have accidently deleted any email notices of your comments.

      However, the statement that I am “killing souls” by doing this “false teaching and lack of truth” has no meaning to me, since nothing is stated that gives any idea of what you believe I am doing that leads you believe that I am killing souls, nor what is considered to be “false teaching” or “lack of truth.” What I have stated is truth. Regarding the statment: “how do we get them to become true followers of the real name and truth?” Jesus is the truth, and the way to only Living God, whose Holy Name is usually rendered in English as either “Yahweh” or “Jehovah.”

  2. gerard Says:

    your killing souls by doing this fals teaching or lack of truth.

  3. James Says:

    Clearly the Roman Catholic Church is not the Christian Congregation spoken of in Acts 15:13-18. That Jehovah was going to fulfill this was foretold, not only in Amos 9 as quoted here in Acts 15, but also in Isaiah 43:1, 5-7, 12, and Joel 2:32.

    Surely, anyone wanting to serve the One true God will seperate from such a God-dishonoring organization as the RCC and any other man-made setup that desires to hide or eliminate the Divine Name of the Heavenly Father and only Creator.

    • reslight Says:

      We agree that the Roman Catholic Church, or any other similar authoritarian organization, is not the the Christian congregation spoken of in Acts 15:13-18.

      Jehovah fulfills all things through his son, since Jesus comes in the name of his God and Father.

      The true Christian will believe in Jesus, and that he died for our sins, and the God raised him from the dead, according to the scriptures. All denominationalism and sectarianism is condemned in the Bible, and the Christian is invited to withdraw from such sectarianism so as to belong only to Christ and the God of Jesus. Withdrawing from sectarianism, however, is something done in the heart, and not necessarily along physical lines. One can be in fellowship, for instance, with the Bible Students, and still have not actually withdrawn in heart from sectarianism. Others withdraw from one form of sectarianism to another form of sectarianism, as, for example, physically withdrawing from the Baptist sect in order to uphold the Jehovah’s Witnesses sect. All such sectarianism will be removed and not be allowed in the kingdom.

      Nevertheless, while Satan’s veil of deception is still upon the world, we have NOT been given authority judge the individuals regardless of what fellowship they may be associated with, or whether they understand the need to use the Holy Name or not. God through his holy spirit and his angels is working out all matters to the glory of his holy name. All such matters will be taken care and made known when the saints “will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father” (Matthew 13:43) and the “sons of God are revealed.” (Romans 8:19) The “sons of God” have not yet been revealed to the whole creation now in subjection to bondage, but they will be revealed to the heathen after Satan is abyssed. — Romans 8:20-22; Revelation 20:1-3.

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